A Killing in Vicksburg - Inspired by True Events

Kindle Edition


Teresa LynnA KILLING IN VICKSBURG "Good and evil is for time and eternal while we live on this earth. In this story based on true facts, Teresa Lynn clearly presents the darkness of evil, a time of no mercy, as suffered by a good person, in present-day Vicksburg, Mississippi. The narrative is set in the sleepy, southern, historic town where Sharen Wilson lives a happy life, busy with her job and the trappings of a tourist town, when the unthinkable happens. Will evil win this time or will Sharen's kind, good spirit, a product of light, be the victor?" --Anne B McKee, Mississippi Storyteller and Author.

DIXIELAND MURDER (A Lucy DelRose Mystery) was written by Author TERESA LYNN a winner of the 2013 American Literary Merit Award (ALMA) contest.

            LUCY DELROSE, a commercial fisherwoman and owner of DELROSE MARINA DOCK in Bunge County, Mississippi, was planning the annual Grabbling Event when SUE ANN DYKES was found dead from multiple stab wounds. JUNIOR DYKES was husband to Sue Ann and an old love of Lucy. Who killed Sue Ann? Why does Junior involve Lucy in a manhunt for the killer?

            RENE CARON, a half-breed Indian, manufactured his own line of powerboats in Bunge County, was enamored of Lucy and considered her his property. Junior’s interference between Lucy and Rene plunged Lucy into a dangerous series of attacks from unknown predator(s).                                                                  

            2015 Writer's Digest Writing Competition Award WinnerJunior was the owner of DYKES FARMERS CO-OP in Cope County, Mississippi. He was the father of three young sons by Sue Ann. Rumor had it that Junior was being unfaithful to his wife. He used his past history with Lucy to convince her to help him unravel the recent events of Sue Ann’s life. His determination to find out who Sue Ann was seeing before her death sets forth a dangerous chain of events.

            JETTA ANGELO, a raven-haired gypsy woman, lusted after Rene. She had been his mistress before Lucy and would do anything to keep them apart. She became the shadow behind every door and saboteur of everything Lucy holds dear. Rene must save Lucy from Jetta’s hateful deeds.

            Lucy was confused by her old feelings for Junior and the throbbing need she experienced in the arms of Rene. Could a woman love two men during one lifetime? Lucy walked the line between jealousy and danger to discover whether Rene to be her eternal love.

            Sue Ann’s killer haunted Lucy and endangered her life to the point of murder.

RIVER RAT (another Lucy DelRose Mystery) is a 2011 winner of the 6th Annual Dixie Kane Contest novel about a young single mother raising her seven year old son while running her business as a commercial fisherwoman on the Mississippi River. When she discovers her ex-husband dead beneath her marina, she is determined to shield her son from the horrors of her past life with him. She finds herself seeking the help of an attractive half-breed Indian who does his best to try and domesticate the wild side of her nature defying her efforts to maintain her fishing business in a male driven environment. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed game warden vies for her affections sending the half-breed Indian on a jealous rampage to win her for himself. She wrestles with alligators, snakes, and the raging Mississippi River to protect her son from Florida drug dealers who threaten his life in exchange for something her ex-husband lost the night of his death.


"Ghost hunters find woman's body at haunted hospital." Theresa Apel, (Jackson, Miss), Clarion-Ledge 6:29 a.m. EDT June 30, 2015.